Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Abstracts and Caffe Tazza Art Show Photos!

The owner of Caffe Tazza, Jane Keller, told me she was looking for a couple of matching gold and white paintings for her home. At the show Thursday, she had on the most gorgeous color gold top and mixed with all sorts of gold crystal and beaded necklaces. She totally inspired me to paint these two abstracts. They are hers if she wants them, otherwise they are $400 each if anyone is interested. They are both 30"x40", and if no one buys them I might have to redo my living room! Sorry about the poor photos, I will take better ones outside tomorrow. They are still damp.

Golden #1
Golden #2

I had an AMAZING turnout at my show on Thursday! I love seeing everyone!! My family always comes and my sweet friends always come support me. Caffe Tazza also makes the BEST latte I've ever had, an oh so tasty cheese plate and the most AMAZING carrot cake ever! Greg and I even went back this morning. It is our favorite place to go!

YUM! The ceramic hand-painted Italian coffee cups add so much luxury to their tasty lattes!

Me and my greatest supporter- my hubby!

Me and Tish! Love her hair and that she walks around with library books! :)

Me and my pretty sister

The two bald eagles
Sarah and the horses

Me and my work
Katie being Katie
Julie, Katie and Sarah!

beautiful sister with the newest peacock and buffalo

Sarah and a Gerber in her pony tail

She is adorable!

Thank you all for coming to my show!!

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