Monday, July 13, 2009

Galleria Lazzara Art Show

I had a wonderful time in Houston for my art show at Galleria Lazzara! The opening was July 9th- my birthday! YAY! It went so well! Here are some pictures!

My area... most of my stuff was in this section of the gallery, but some was sprinkled through out

See! I do know a few people in Houston! Thanks Christina, Jerry and friends!! The Albus duo came too! Sad I didn't think to get a photo with them!

Stellar Jellyfish and Cow Love wall

My hummer and fishy made the entrance!

We with my work.
To the best girl on earth! Thanks for coming with me Christie!!!

Reclining Bovine, Bald is Beautiful and Ghost Riders in the Sky

Ghost Riders in the Sky: 48"x72"

Bald is Beautiful: 18x24

Night Owl: 16x20"
Reclining Bovine: 36x48"

Cow Love: 30x40"

Show Off: 30x40"
Something's Fishy: 16x20"
Stellar Jellyfish: 36x48"

The Original Hummer: 14x14

Tough Guy: 16x20"

Lone Coyote: 18x24"

Whooo Are You Looking At?: 24x30"